Coming soon to Kickstarter…


Voodoo Dolly here with big news!!

Keepsakes and the Advanced Story Point System(ASPS) are coming to Kickstarter! 
The ASPS is a core engine made to be quick and easy. It gives you the ability to create customized framework tailored to your specific game world, with mechanics you’ve built to fit your vision. 
Build your character’s background, attributes, influence, and conditions. All can be tailored to suit your game – glass, race, equipment, abilities, talents, flaws, and more. 
ASPS provides the tools to make the world you want to run, and gives you the game engine to make it a reality with a minimum of work. 
Pre-set genres are in the works for GMs who would prefer to use them! 
Keepsakes uses the ASPS. You awaken as a Widdershin, a cast-aside toy once deeply loved, brought to life when separated from your owner. Armed with a magical key that transforms into a weapon when needed, you protect humanity from the unseen things that lurk in the darkness under beds, in closets, and beyond. 
Watch this space for updates, and click the link below to be notified when it launches! 

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