Advanced Story Point System Community Content Policy

Fool's Moon Entertainment Logo, a picture of VoodooDolly holding her legs and sitting on a blue and silver crescent moon.

Fool’s Moon encourages third party publishers to create and sell content compatible with our Advanced Story Point System. You may not claim in your work, marketing, promotions, et cetera that you or the work have been sanctioned or approved by Fool’s Moon or is affiliated with Fool’s Moon in any way beyond the required acknowledgement below unless you have contacted and made explicit arrangements with our management team. Your work may not contain celebratory racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or similarly repugnant views that go against our Company’s Mission Statement without the express written permission of Fool’s Moon Entertainment, Inc.

You may create, market, and sell ASPS compatible settings and adventures. You may use game terms from our books. You may not copy sections from any ASPS sourcebook by Fool’s Moon – while you may include small rules references and stats, anything larger should refer your reader to the appropriate sourcebook (for example, See ASPS core rulebook, chapter 4). You may not use Fool’s Moon IP without explicit permission from our management team. This includes locations such as Club Babylon or the city of Trois Portes, and characters such as Tamper of Rowan Bright, Ajeya Winters, or Addama-Ra.

The following text must appear within your product, wherever legal or copyright information is placed:

This product was created under licence. ASPS and its logos are trademarks of Fool’s Moon Entertainment, Inc. This work contains material that is copyright Fool’s Moon Entertainment, Inc. and used with permission under the ASPS Community Content Policy. All other original material in this work is copyright [year] by [your legal or company name] and published under the ASPS Community Content Policy.

Content must include our ASPS logo on the cover and Fool’s Moon appear on the credits page of your work. You may also use an ASPS Compatible logo or ASPS setting specific Compatible logo (such as ASPS Fox Magic Compatible) for the cover and credits page instead. The logos must be discernable and legible but do not need to be large and should not be your primary title and logo for your works. Our logos can be found below, or you can email us at for copies or if you have questions or a request.

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