Interview with The Hardboiled GMShoe!

 Voodoo Dolly here, bringing you an interview from The Hardboiled GMShoe! Our VP, Christopher LaHaise, was recently interviewed by them, and they discussed The Advanced Story Point System. Read the interview here:

by Voodoo Dolly
April 11, 2021

Coming soon to Kickstarter…

 Voodoo Dolly here with big news!!Keepsakes and the Advanced Story Point System(ASPS) are coming to Kickstarter! The ASPS is a core engine made to be quick and easy. It gives you the ability to create customized framework tailored to your specific game world, with mechanics you've built to fit your vision. Build your character's background, attributes, influence, and conditions. All can be tailored to suit your game - glass, race, equipment, abilities, talents, flaws, and more. ASPS provides the tools to make the world you want to run, and gives you the game engine to make it a reality with a minimum of…

by Voodoo Dolly
March 27, 2021

Things to Come

 Welcome!Voodoo Dolly here (that's me there on the left) with more news about the company and what they're up to.  Yesterday was a big meeting, while we all run and around and figure out who's doing what.  That's expected for a young company (or a company rising from slumber!) but it looks like an awesome team has been put together!  Expect to hear more about that in the future!But you're all probably wondering what I'm going to talk about now, and that's about some of the projects in the work now, and some that may be coming down the pipe…

by Voodoo Dolly
October 16, 2020

Welcome, Visitors!

 Hello!  I'm Voodoo Dolly, the mascot for Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc!  I'll be reporting on anything new coming from the company, and give you exclusive, behind the scenes looks at everything we're working on.So, a little bit about me before we start.  I was initially a character designed by ShifterCat, one of our editors, for a high school art project.  The VP of the company was smitten, and when it became time to do a company logo, I was his first choice.  The amazing Malcolm Earle drew up the design you can see on the right, and we've never looked back…

by Voodoo Dolly
October 5, 2020