Re: Georgia’s Voting Restrictions


VooDoo Dolly here! In light of Georgia’s new voting restrictions, we at FMEI  would like to join the many companies taking issue. 

FMEI is dedicated to fairness in elections, and believe that this string of voting restrictions are unfair and put undue pressure on minorities. FMEI firmly believes everyone should have the right to a free vote, and that these draconian measures are deliberately meant to restrict minorities and ‘get out the vote’ actions taken by predominantly black communities and especially black churches.
FMEI condemns Conservative attempts to declare providing water and shelter to voters in line as illegal, while also making it more likely that lines will be longer – again, in regions which are predominantly black. While employees of FMEI do not have fixed hours, we do support our employees being able to vote – and see no reason to hinder our employees in any capacity when it comes to this civic duty.
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