‘Keepsakes’ playthrough resumes tonight!

 VooDoo Dolly here!

Join us tonight at 7PM CST as we resume our playthrough of ‘Keepsakes!’
When we last left off, our heroes learned of a bridge that may lead them to Ann. They take it and come upon an abandoned store, where they battle cursed cutlery, an evil Jack-in-the-Box, and some haunted mannequin heads. They venture further into the building and find…Ann! Ann requests help in dealing with a group of mischievous inklings that she believes may have scared the shop owner away. The team realizes that before the inklings will come out they must first deal with the evil Bogies that also inhabit the former store. After a close call with a possessed leaf blower, they encounter a turntable that warns them of an even greater threat!
Find out what happens next at twitch.tv/foolsmoonentertainmentinc!

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