‘Keepsakes’ March 11 Stream Recap

 Voodoo Dolly here, bringing you a recap of last Thursday’s Keepsakes playtest before we kick off tonight’s stream! 

When we last left off, our heroes were once again dealing with the Great Winged One! After convincing her they were not a threat and took refuge inside the trunk of the tree. There, they met a snake that told them of a bridge they could cross that could lead them to where Ann might be. They find it, and after crossing with no issues, took the sewer to get across the street to an abandoned store and factory. After dealing with some cursed cutlery, a Jack-in-the-Box armed with scissors, and some haunted mannequin heads, they venture further into the building and find Ann! Ann requests their help in dealing with the inklings: strange shadows that like to cause mischief. Ann believes they are harming the residents of the area and that they may have driven away the owner of the store. She asks that they bring the inklings to her so that she may deal with them, but they soon realize that before they can do so they must take care of the stronger, more evil Bogies that lurk nearby. After a close call with a possessed leaf blower, they encounter a turntable that warns them of an even greater threat right behind them!

Can Ann be trusted? What new dangers have come out of the shadows? And what of the inklings? Join us tonight at 7PM CST on Twitch to find out what happens next! In the meantime, here’s some highlights from last Thursday’s Stream! 

Attack of the Silverware!

Jack-in-the-Scissor Hands

Nope nope nope! 

Flying Butt

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