‘Keepsakes’ Recap and Stream!


VooDoo Dolly here, bringing you a recap of our last Keepsakes playtest! 

During our last stream, our team of brave Widdershin narrowly avoided a vicious attack by El Gato! After some distractions by Socks and some fast-talking by Drifter, they escape with their wits intact and head back to the little girl’s bedroom. Buttons reads the note and discovers she ran away to look for her doll, Sally. Buttons and Socks join forces to track the girl to a quiet road where she’s looking for her doll, and she soon discovers the Widdershin and after a failed attempt at communication, brings them all back to her room. Once back, they discover Ann had been hiding in a can! Ann takes off, ignoring their attempts to get her attention, and they follow her to the playground and into the forest, home of the Great Winged One. As they continue to follow Ann, they can’t figure out why she’s behaving so strangely for a Widdershin. They are spotted by the Winged One during their pursuit, and discover the owl wants their stuffing and parts to build its nest. Socks transforms into a raven plush to fend it off momentarily and with help from a family of badgers and some ants, they find Ann’s footprints along the shore of a river. Unable to cross, they backtrack through the forest and discover a dark, imposing tree…just as the Great Winged One lands at the top and stares down at them. 

Will our heroes find Ann? Will they find out why Ann is acting so oddly? Will they become fodder for the Great Winged One’s nest? Tune in at 7PM CST and find out! 




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