The Mission Statement


Voodoo Dolly, reporting for duty!

And wow, have we been busy this last week!  We have writers and artists coming in, we’ve had meetings, and while we don’t have everything nailed down yet, we have a destination ahead of us and we’re starting to see the path towards that destination.

But it’s all about the journey, you know?  And our founder has laid out the goal for us.

“We want to produce games.  We want to show the world the ideas that are in our heads, and to be true to our visions, rather than to the demands and expectations of others.

But more importantly, we want to give a voice to other people – to those who are traditionally unheard within the roleplaying community.  We want to allow minorities to see their visions put out there for other people to see, to have their voices raised.  Writers, game designers, artists, and more.  We want to support the black community, people of colour, the LGBTQA+ community, women, and more, so that their dreams can be made reality.” — Christopher LaHaise, Vice President of Fool’s Moon Entertainment, Inc.

This last week, we encountered a game on Kickstarter called Widdershins:  The Roleplaying Game.  Now, through Silver Games LLC, we have created the game Widdershins.  But after seeing the kindness of the people behind the Kickstarter, their goals for the community, and what they stand for, there was no way we couldn’t support them.  Their goals are the same as ours, and we are not in a competition.  Go out there and show them the love they deserve!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll keep my ears sharp for further news, and maybe next time we’ll talk about our version of Widdershins – which is going to have a new name for the advanced version of the game!  Yeah, that’s right, we gave those wonderful people at Library of the Omniverse Press full ownership of the name for their product, we’ll all think of something else to call the game about our little ragamuffins.

Take care out there, and be kind!

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