Fox Magic


A cooperative narrative game featuring kitsune who keep the peace between humanity and the supernatural, this game utilises d12 dice.


Sold By: Fool's Moon Entertainment, Inc.


Fox Magic is the first game to use the Story Point System game engine.

It is a setting neutral game, where the players take on the role of Japanese Fox Spirits, protecting their territory and keeping the peace between humanity and the supernatural. It is a cooperative narrative game, spreading control of the game between the game master and the players, allowing for a shared experience. Fox Magic can be set in any setting, any time period, from fantasy to modern, steampunk to anime high school, mystery to J-Horror.

The GM is more of a guide than a god, and is most comfortably played with 4-6 players but can easily accommodate more or fewer. Good for anything from a simple one-shot to multi-year campaigning.

Additional information

Weight 181 g
Dimensions 21 × 29.7 cm


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