Players and Playtesters Wanted!

 VooDoo Dolly here, hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend! We are looking for players for our upcoming Fox Magic stream, and a second group of playtesters for Keepsakes! Days and times will be determined based on everyone's availability. If you're interested, DM us on our social media platforms or email us at!Stay safe! 

by Voodoo Dolly
March 22, 2021

Fox Magic!

 Voodoo Dolly here! We're working hard on Keepsakes, but while we're doing that I want to introduce you to one of our current titles, Fox Magic! Fox Magic is a narrative game where the players create a den of kitsune - Japanese fox spirits, to protect their domain.  The setting-agnostic engine allows the game master to run the game in any world, any genre, and any time period. The rules allow the game master to set the backdrop, while allowing the players the freedom to innovate and expand on each scene, creating new events, new characters to interact with, and tell their…

by Voodoo Dolly
March 20, 2021