Eris Solace’s “radio station” is beneath CTPS 66.8, also known as “The Beast”.  The radio station is a 70s+ radio station, playing music from the 70s to the 2010s and some, with a bit of more recent music thrown in.

Eris may obliquely mention a ‘war’, which involved her losing her home.  All of it.  Reality as she knew it has gone through a “hard reset”, and everyone she knows is gone. Eris’ goal, then, is to find versions of her friends through the “aether”, and gather them to create a new “Team Eris”.  Her new friends won’t be exactly the same, but they’ll be close enough to help her feel grounded. In a strange sort of way, the new versions of her old friends seem to almost know her, almost remember her, and that’s enough to help forge new bonds.


Episode 1