New Podcast Episode!

 VooDoo Dolly here, bringing you the latest installment of The Story Told podcast!Fall of Jiara 41: Pearl and SilverThe Prince of Jiara finally holds the ball to allow the suitors to introduce himself while Maera and Shao bring their warning to the Queen of Sarkarn.Listen on the player down below or at The Story Told website! 

by Voodoo Dolly
April 14, 2021

 Voodoo Dolly here, bringing you the lastest episode of The Story Told podcast! This week, Griffin and Logan wax poetic (and not so poetic) about the perils and pitfalls of establishing a setting for the games you run! Be sure to check out the attached PDF for Griffins Setting Meditation as well.Listen on the player below or at the official website! 

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by Voodoo Dolly
April 6, 2021

This Week on ‘The Story Told’

Voodoo Dolly here, with the newest episode of The Story Told podcast!Fall of Jiara 40: Between Breeze and BoughHaving confirmed their suspicions about the Lunar Anathema's identity, Mnemon Sarissa, V'neef Kai, and Tepet Sanzo prepare for whatever comes next.Listen down below or at! 

by Voodoo Dolly
March 30, 2021

‘The Story Told’ Podcast: Episode 73

Voodoo Dolly here! A new episode of The Story Told podcast is up! Episode 73: Hunters Hunted IIJoin Griffin and Logan as they discuss the intricacies and stories found within Hunters Hunted II for Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition!Listen at or down below! 

by Voodoo Dolly
March 25, 2021

New Episode of ‘The Story Told’ Podcast!

 VooDoo Dolly here! Hope you're staying safe and well! A new episode of The Story Told podcast is up! Fall of Jiara 39: Crowned in SilverThe Dragon-Blooded in Jiara confirm the Lunar's cover identity. V'neef Kai confronts the Anathema. Sanzo questions him afterwards and they discuss how to break the news to Sarissa, who has been absorbed in her projects.Listen at or at! 

by Voodoo Dolly
March 16, 2021

‘The Story Told,’ Episode 72

 Voodoo Dolly here! As per usual, I hope you're all doing well and staying safe! While we've been hard at work playtesting Keepsakes, The Story Told podcast has posted their newest episode! This week, Logan and Griffin sit down to discuss Uncanny, the expansion to the award-winning game Sleepaway. They also have a surprise as the end of the episode!Listen on the website or on Apple podcasts! 

by Voodoo Dolly
March 9, 2021