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You abandoned us. Broke us. Lost us. Forgot us. But we never forgot you.
We still watch over you. We still protect you from the darkness. From the things out there. From the Hollow.

You may forget when a toy is lost, or broken and discarded, but the toy doesn’t forget. It doesn’t hate you for what happened to it. No. It will protect you, and those around you. Hidden in the shadows, just out of sight, or sometimes in plain view, your toys will guard you with their very existence. Awakened and aware, the Widdershins protect those who once loved them.

Widdershin will encounter many creatures, from the shadowy inklings to their sinister brethren, the bogies; from the terrifying Hollow ones to the enigmatic emissaries; and will take up their Keys against any threat to their human wards.

Widdershins uses a Player-Facing d% system, providing the players with 4 roles to choose from determined by how their character was lost. Intended for 4 players and 1 GM, a typical game session will last from 2-4 hours.


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